Quote _ Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon


“You can’t imagine the world I was born into, Geary. There’s no laughter there, no joy or happiness, and then one night I accidentally found you. You who laugh at the warmth of the sun when it touches your skin. You who have… what was it you called it once? A choco-gasm from eating a Hershey’s Kiss—whatever that is.
You feel things on a level most people never imagine. In all the centuries I’ve lived, I’ve never known anyone like you. And for two weeks I just wanted to be with you. To feel you, human to human, and to understand this world that is so vivid through your eyes.” -Arik


It was true that both the Oneroi and Skoti could take human form in the mortal realm, but because of their curse, they still lacked emotions. So what was the point? They were just as cold and sterile and unable to feel in human form as they were in their own god form.
That wasn’t what he wanted.
No, he wanted to be human. He wanted feelings and emotions so that he could experience her to the fullest extent possible.

It’s impossible.


“Were you not listening to me earlier? Why do I even bother? Just call me Circe or Cassandra for all the attention I’m paid. Why do I have to resort to them anyway? Ferandia would be a better example, but since she’s Atlantean no one knows that story, do they? No. So I have to resort to those insipid Greek tales, half of which were stolen from us. But that’s another matter. Point is, no one ever listens to a trapped goddess…” -Apollymi-


“Have you any idea how hard it is to go nine months out of the year with no sex when you’re married to such a fine piece of male anatomy that he should have been the god of fertility instead of the god of death?” – Persephone-


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